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The ultimate tool for cellular health and longevity


What Is Biobanking?

Personal biobanking is the preservation and storage of your own cells so they can be used for future, cell-based disease treatments. These personalized treatments are called cell therapies.


Why Biobank Now?

As you age and are exposed to environmental factors, your cells become less healthy and less effective for cell therapies. The healthiest and most effective cells are the ones in your body right now.


What Cells Are Stored & Why They Matter

Cellbiotix stores your cells for future therapeutic use, your DNA to access the data in your cells and plasma to identify the biomarkers in your body. This combined approach serves as the ultimate tool for cellular health. 


History of Cell Therapy

Cell therapies have been studied to address many conditions and disease treatments for more than 50 years. Today, there are already 27 FDA approved cell therapies - with countless more on the way.

Security standards you can trust

Our labs are CLIA - (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and CAP - (College of American Pathologists) certified, ensuring proper handling and secure storage of your cells. The facility that houses your biomaterials uses temperature-regulated storage devices that are alarmed and monitored around the clock. It stores millions of samples and is trusted by the National Institutes of Health and the largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S.

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