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The next-generation of medicine for your future well-being

Life-saving cell therapies that will change healthcare as we know it are on the horizon.

With promising clinical trials underway around the world, the FDA expects to approve 10 to 20 new cell and gene therapies annually by 2025. These therapies will potentially treat serious diseases that affect more than 150 million Americans, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases as well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes.


Why now

As you age and are exposed to environmental factors, the quality of your cells decreases. The healthiest cells are the ones you have right now, and your cells today could be your body’s personalized medicine tomorrow.

Why bank healthy blood?

  • Gain the ability to use your stored cells and data for future use in identifying, diagnosing and monitoring diseases.

  • Provide a healthy baseline for testing to identify and treat risks earlier. 

  • Lower costs of screening and testing of blood and genetics.

  • Younger, healthier cells provide better opportunities for future disease treatment.



Cell therapies are changing healthcare as we know it

Cellbiotix is the only company that enables individuals to biobank their healthy cells to be used for cutting-edge therapies in the future if they become sick. Cellbiotix uses a proprietary bioprocessing technique to ensure access to the variety of potentially therapeutic cells available in your blood.


As the pace of cell therapy breakthroughs and FDA approvals accelerates, so do the advantages of personal biobanking with Cellbiotix. Storing healthy cells now gives you greater control of your health in the future and may extend your quality of life.


Cellbiotix allows you to store cells from your own blood for your personalized medicine.

Your blood contains many cell types, including stem cells, that can potentially be used in cutting-edge therapies that will be available in the near future.

Stem cells have the unique ability to regenerate themselves as well as develop into the more specialized cells in the human body. This means they may be used to generate new healthy cells to treat disease.

Take the next step in protecting your health by storing your cells now

Your investment today could be your body’s most potent medicine tomorrow.

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